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Home Business Opportunity - Airfares, Hotels, Cruises


Home Business Opportunity

You can find a great home business opportunity by searching the internet or by continuing to read this article. The first attribute you should look for is the product or service that your new home business will sell. An opportunity is just that - a chance - a possibility. You want a product that you have an interest in. If you like animals then you should open a pet store and if you like traveling, you should open an online home based travel store business. All information on this site is geared towards seo and therefore you need to verify it's accuracy before relying upon it.

Home Based Business Opportunity

When a home based business opportunity comes along it is wise to take it. Why pass it up only to regret it later. The best business opportunity I've seen is the YTB travel store that runs on the internet. Learn about how the YTB network marketing business model works at www.airhotelcruise.com. Learn how to book travel online and book travel online at www.LandofTravel.com.

You could get $500 back from YTB if you live in California - Law Suit
This website is just for reference.

Work at Home Business Opportunity

Everyone wants to work at home these days and with good reason. Work at home business opportunities are popping up everywhere. The big problem is that most of the work at home business opportunities are worthless and a waste of time. The one outstanding work from home business is the online travel agency booking website available from YTB. Why is the YTB online travel booking store so great? Because there is no inventory, no shipping, no employees, no accounting, and no customer service calls to make. Your YTB website works 24/7 365 days a year without you doing a thing. This is the way to work at home.

Work from Home Internet Business

There are many opportunities if you want to work from home using the internet. The number of new online home businesses are increasing every year. The main reason for this increase is the desire of many people to work from home. Any why not? Consider the cost of renting or leasing a store front, installing phone lines and utilities, hiring someone to be there during working hours, and all the other costs, it is no surprise that many people want to work from home.

Another reason people look for internet home business opportunities is for the incredible tax advantages. Having your own business opens the doors to many tax deductions not available to those that are full time employees without an online home business.

Ebay Internet Business Opportunity

I don't know of anyone that has not heard of Ebay. Everyday more and more people are starting new internet businesses on Ebay because of the tremendous opportunity available. It is easy to take advantage of an Ebay internet business opportunity. Just think of your favoite thing to do and incorporate that into the product or service you want to sell. For example, I enjoy Dewalt, Black and Decker, Porter Cable, Ryobi, Craftsman, and all other types of power tools. Unique Dynamics, Inc., of which I am president, designed a method for repairing power tool nicad batteries and then created the step by step online Battery Resurrection Guide for sale on Ebay.

Besides Ebay, there are many other income opportunities with home based businesses. The best home based business is from a company called YTB which is short for Your Travel Biz. The major benefit to this type of business is the 7 Trillion dollars that is spent in the global travel industry. You can join YTB and become a Referring Travel Agent (RTA) where you receive a travel booking website similar to Expedia. You business is then selling flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, cruises, and various other vacation and travel services. Remember to get your 3 oz Carry on plastic bottles that meet the aiport rules and regulations for liquids that you want to take on the airplane.


What is so great about YTB you ask?

  1. You can start as an IMR (independent marketing rep) and it is free to join.
  2. You can join as an RTA for a small fee and monthly maintenance fee
  3. You can work from home or anywhere
  4. No inventory, no employees, no quotas, no time limits, no charge backs, no tests to take, no paperwork, no deliveries, no collections, and no licensing.
  5. You travel booking website runs 7/24 with no interaction from you
  6. YTB has earned credibility with over 5 years in business
  7. You can buy YTB stock - it is available on the OTCBB
  8. YTB offers a $6000 guarantee
  9. Many more tax deductions for a YTB home business
  10. YTB is considered the best MLM opportunity on the internet
  11. RTA commissions are favorable
  12. YTB offers low cost business cards
  13. You get a back office with a contact manager and deals and steals form
  14. The list goes on and on


Money Making Online Home Business Opportunity

Most people searching google or yahoo or msn start out looking for a free money making online home business opportunity on the internet because they don't want to risk any of their hard earned money. And who can blame them? The issue goes back to "what can you really get for free"? In reality you very rarely get anything of value for free, especially a money making home business. Just think for a minute - why would someone spend their time and money on something just to give it away to someone they don't know or have even met at no cost or for free? There is almost always a catch. If you want to make money with an online business then consider YTB and there is even a way you can join for free. You can join YTB as an RTA and commit to making your new online travel store successful with about a $1200 investment for the first year which includes a full year of your travel booking website maintenance and support.

If you prefer to try the YTB business without the ability to earn commissions on your website, but would like to sponsor other people into the business you can join as an IMR and the cost is free. Is there a catch? Of course there is a catch. If you want to earn travel commissions from those you bring into the business you will need to sign up as an RTA. As an IMIR you will earn money for those you sponsor as RTA's, so why not Join now? Remember, YTB is in the business of selling travel and that is done though the booking websites of RTA's.

Unique Work at Home Opportunity

Working at home is beneficial for the obvious reasons and not so beneficial for certain types of businesses. There are opportunities for all types of businesses, but not all businesses are suitable as work at home type small businesses. If you are looking for a unique work at home business opportunity then consider YTB. It is unique because you don't need to have people come to your home, but you can if you want to. You can meet your unique business prospects at Starbucks coffee stores or anywhere it is convenient. Billion dollar corporations such as Expedia and Orbitz are your competitors. Talk about a unique work at home business! Imagine effectively competing with billion dollar companies that spend hundred's of million's of dollars every year on advertising. YTB married the online travel booking website with the network marketing model to create a very unique business model that has grown to over 40,000 members. Now is the time to get involved with this unique work at home business opportunity and position yourself for the growth that is destined to continue. This is a serious home based business opportunity that is available to start immediately by joining at www.cadwaytravel.com. YTB is completely legitimate and not in any way a scam. YTB has been compared to a franchise business opportunity such as Starbucks, but it is more accurately a unique MLM business opportunity with a unique low attention travel booking web site.

Whether you are a Chistian, Muslim, Jew, or whatever you will find the need for travel and the opportunity for you to collect on that opportunity.

Affiliate Business Opportunity

Are you looking to become an affiliate for an established home business? Working part time or when you want to is very desireable for most people starting a new business or looking for an affiliate business opportunity. Travel is an excellent product to sell because you will need to use it yourself at some point in your life. You might be looking or needing a discount airfare, discount hotel, discount rental car, or a discount cruise. Cheap travel is wanted by everyone because the travel is the same exact item no matter where you buy it, so why not get travel at a discount.

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